To Skinny or not to Skinny?

Hi folks

I’ve been wondering about in London for the past week, and found myself noticing how women dress. y’know, London an all…..

What I found quite amazing in a curious, yet somewhat confounded way, was the fact that almost every single woman , no matter age or weight, was wearing skinny jeans!

On some ladies, (the younger ones), they mostly looked good, IF toned legs were hugged by them. However, there were so many young women, overweight with drumstick legs, wearing skin tight skinny’s! It was quite an eyesore.

Take a look at this pic of Cameron Diaz. She’s not in her youth, but has fabulously toned legs, as well as wearing a pair of heels to elongate them more. She doesn’t have to wear a long tunic to cover any part of her body, as she’s in very good shape. So, on a body like this, skinny jeans are a huge compliment!


Compared to this lady, who has what is commonly termed ‘The drumstick leg’….with weight to boot. I’m not being mean, simply realistic. If you do not have toned, fairly thin legs (and body), then I’m afraid the ‘skinny jean’ is not for you.


There are some really figure flattering ‘straight leg jeans’, or even better, the ‘boot jean’ available. 

These flatter women’s bodies, of all sizes and shapes, and do not show legs that are seriously out of shape. A ‘straight leg jean’, will balance your hips to the bottom of your ankles, so that even if you are not tall, or if a little overweight,  you will still look good. A bonus is that you don’t have to wear heels to elongate your legs either, as we don’t all like to wear heels, and for many of us, they are not practical.

To my mind, nothing says ‘style’ more, than a woman who is dressed modestly, whilst considering her shape. There are so many overweight women in the world today of all ages, and really, to follow fashion, that is just not a good look for one only serves to make one look silly. My advise is to forget about fashion, and dress in outfits that compliment your figure, instead of highlighting all of your flaws.

We don’t see ourselves as others see us. So often, when choosing a great pair of jeans, we automatically just ‘follow the fashion trend’. This can be such a mistake, taking away the parts of you that are gorgeous, and showing up all imperfections instead.

Lastly, if you are a Mature woman, and gravity has taken it’s toll, (as it tends to do, the nasty pest), – unless you’re a gym bunny and just have a figure to die for! Think about what your bottom looks like in a pair of tight leggings, or skinny jeans before you invest in the latest ‘fashion’. Take a good hard sometimes painful look at what you are wearing. You can so easily dress casually but always with a good touch of taste. You’ll never go wrong, and certainly won’t be accused of being ‘Mutton dressed up as lamb’.

Just a thought ladies! Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for advise when purchasing a new pair of jeans. Take a loving friend with you to shop, who will be honest about whether the jeans you intend purchasing look good on you or not. With all the styles available, you can dress to compliment your figure.

Have a great day 🙂



Facts about Standing Rock protest

This atrocity should go viral, and every other Country claiming to believe in Human Rights, should stand behind the original court order. LEAVE THE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS ALONE!!


1)The pipeline was moved once. When Bismarck ND residents complained it would be too close to their water supply. It was moved away from their water supply and directly under the Standing Rock water supply.

2)The lake Oahe was flooded when the army Corp of engineers built the Oahe Dam. 200,000 acres were lost of tribal territory underwater. The very territory they are trying to put the pipeline under now. Sovereign native territory!

3)Ft Laramie treaty was found by the supreme court in 1980 to be:

a.Still in force and enforceable

b.To have been violated time and time again including the flooding and forced relocation of the Lake Oahe area.

4)The Lakota and Dakota were offered more than a billion dollars compensation which was refused to maintain land rights and claims to land under the Ft Laramie treaty instead.

5)This has nothing to…

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A kink in the Armour

Hi Folks

I’ve watched so many talks on TED.X on mental illness, and understand so much about it, as well as being mentally ill myself (I believe in knowledge and education), I could write a book. 🙂 Pity I can’t fix a misfiring, misbehaving brain though! That would be first prize.

Seriously though, doesn’t everyone have some sort of ‘kink in their Armour’?  In today’s stressed out, money driven, success fixated world, surely more and more people are becoming mentally ill in one form or another,  mostly by way of depression?. Unless there are people who just get ‘sad’ for a while, and never suffer depression.

Depression is now called a ‘brain disease’. It’s classed as a mental illness. Not just a bout of ‘feeling blue’, or ‘go for a walk you’ll feel better’, (as so many misinformed keep suggesting to those who are depressed), but a serious disease of the brain. A person who is depressed, most days, cannot get out of bed, let alone shower.

So who is at risk?

The person who’s brain is already sick, and then, through overload of stress,  gets hit with depression that just won’t leave?

Or, could it be that if someone, overloaded with stress, suffers a ‘temporary setback’ and gets depressed for a week or so, is NOT mentally ill? thereby directly contradicting what Scientists have decided what depression is?

Or…. could it be that someone, who suffers a traumatic life event, which has caused a  depression, just has a ‘kink in their Armour’ for a while.?

How depressed do you have to be, in order to be classed as mentally ill?

Well, to my mind, if you suffer from chronic depression, then you could be classed as being mentally ill, but if, through a tragic or stressful life event, you are going through a phase of depression, how can you possibly be classed as being mentally ill? Unless…..according to Science, you, and the rest of the world, are actually mentally ill, in a milder form than chronic depressives perhaps, but ill, nonetheless.

So it then stands to reason, that we all have a kink in our Armour! To a stronger or lesser degree.

Contemplate that one! Would you call yourself mentally ill if you’ve suffered from a bout of depression?


Hi Folks

Anyone who suffers from depression, especially chronic depression, lives a dismal, often almost impossible life. Getting out of bed is a task, cooking an impossibility and cleaning just a thought way in the back of the head. It’s not gonna happen while the severe depression lasts.

For those who say ‘you need to exercise’ , ‘go for walks’, get out and make friends!’ ad nauseum,  please please try and understand, that for the one who is depressed, and I mean a Clinical depression, or a Bi Polar depression, these suggestions are simply absolutely impossible, and only make the one who is ill, feel worse.

FACT: You cannot just ‘pull’ yourself out of a depression. It’s part of the category of mental illnesses, and one has to just wait for it to pass. Sad but true.

So what is the best you can do for a friend or loved one who has fallen into a depressive state, and rendered unable to perform everyday tasks, that come easily to those who don’t have this illness?

Love them…Encourage them to remember how special they are….never ask them to ‘pull themselves together or similar remarks….try and understand the illness…educate yourself on depression, especially Bi Polar depression, which is completely debilitating and can last for weeks!…Be kind…be gentle…don’t judge, ever.

Life, for some who don’t suffer any sort of mental illness,  has it’s ‘normal’ up’s and down’s, but if you don’t have an illness, you manage every situation in sometimes, an anxious way, but you manage to cope with all that comes your way, without resorting to your bed.

For those that suffer depression, life can become so daunting, that often suicide seems the only way they know how to stop the pain. This is the tragedy of depression.

I was watching a show with Stephen Fry (Bipolar 1 sufferer), and with him was the late Robin Williams. Fry remarked how Williams had once made the comment ‘I know how to make others happy, but I cannot make myself happy’…..

and the rest is history.

Please help those who are struggling with this horrific disorder every single day of their lives. Please try and understand that they didn’t ask for the illness, and please, please be kind.

Thank you


Deborahsad face

You Know You…..and mental illness

As a person with BiPolar disorder as well as Borderline disorder, I feel this article is fantastic. The more people who read it, the better.

living in stigma

YOU know you are strong inside despite what mental illness has dealt you.

YOU know you are doing the best that you can, with what life has handed you.

YOU can pat yourself on the back right now, for a job well done. Mastering and surviving each day with a mental illness, in my eyes, is a full-time job.

Only YOU will know when it’s time to return to the working world; if that is your goal. It’s alright to be coached and nudged, but you are really the best judge.

Only YOU know the blackness felt during depression – how the pitch black mud swallows you up and is unforgiving.

Maybe YOU don’t know how very precious you are, and that you didn’t ask for this illness, and you didn’t choose to be ill, and that mental illness is not a character flaw.

YOU will find society’s…

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