How to win the Lotto…for reals


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drooling shithead number one

Sometimes, my brain goes into a complete fog, and I know nothing about anything, no ideas, just blank, boring and crap. But then! a spark ignites, and I come up with such genius plans, that I get all warm and fuzzythinking about them…

Take this one….

So, imagine you won the lotto. You won a LOT of money this time, like the million Pounds one. Like 10 MILLION POUNDS actually. NO, you don’t make the grave error of letting the newspapers ‘interview’ you, as every charity that ever existed, and some that don’t but will quickly make one up, will call on you for ‘help’, (even though they aren’t even legit)…but MOST of all, those weezly, whiny, spineless shitty people, who left you in the dirt, due to your mental illness, will suddenly have ‘come to their senses’, and call you QUICKLY.

So this is how it’ll go

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so yeah … I left YouTube going …


While I was doing my ‘distraction’ cleaning …  *Done, so I don’t overly stress on the possibilities that tomorrows shizz may bring – Yes; I decided to go to my psychologist appointment – and Yes; I have informed the partner that if the airport twat talks to much I will be *shushing* her 😉  …. I let YouTube play through, and somehow ended up at Christmas songs … I know right!

But as the songs below were playing through, I had a couple dozen thoughts – As I Do.

  1. I wonder if they asked any Africans to input into these?
  2. There were a couple (literally) black faces in the 1984 ensemble. Why? I know there were plenty beautiful black singers around in 1984.
  3. I’m not sure whether Africa (the starving part anyway) really gave a fuck about Christmas time.
  4. Was this part of the point of these songs? The irony?…

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CONFIRMED. Loans, Mortgages are created out of thin air by the Banks, & YOU pay interest on them Kiwis … from NZ’s Seven Sharp

A most important read!

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

We’ve posted this before but it always bears repeating every so often. A reminder of your need to research everything. Research the Rothschild banking system. The City of London. The New World Order (that isn’t conspiracy it’s been talked about regularly by various world ‘leaders’). Check out our Money Trail & Banking pages at the main menu.

Published on Sep 23, 2013

This stunning news clip from New Zealand TV station ‘Seven Sharp’ confirms the revelations shared by ‘The Money Masters’ and other such pioneering thinkers and researchers who have long sought to bring forward the truth about how money works. The is as stunning as it is simple: whenever you apply for a loan or a mortgage THE BANK YOU APPLIED TO CREATES THE MONEY OUT OF NOTHING. It is not lent to you from the banks’ holdings, it is not borrowed from other accounts. It simply is…

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Great idea at the time…

Have you ever had to attend an event that you really really don’t want to attend? I mean, you don’t know half the people, and you’re not even vaguely interested in what they gossip about. You don’t ‘wear the same fashion’, coz to you, clothes are something to cover the body with, and if they have some colour, well that’s nice.

IF you want to rock out, and pretend you own Chanel or Stella McCartney numbers, there are ways to do this…beware though! Apparently it’s illegal…like all fun things are.

Okay, so I had to go to this event. OMG, panic hit me so hard in the guts I almost puked just thinking about it. I don’t DO people very well. But I couldn’t get out of this one, so I had to come up with a ‘plan’….

I thought I was a genius when I decided that I’d download really cool tunes onto my phone, then, I’d wear jeans and shirt with a collar to the event. Then I’d stick my phone in my pocket, take the earphones up, underneath my shirt, so no one could see them, and as my hair is long, they wouldn’t see that I had the earphones in my ears, rocking to good shit, while they all gossiped about crap. I reckoned if I just occasionally looked up and nodded and kind of smiled, and put a look of interest on my face, then kinda laughed when a saw them all laughing, I’d be super cool with this! They’d never know right?

WRONG! – when I passed my brilliant genius plan along to my friend, she frantically emailed back with a NO NO NO!! Why? well, yeah, my plan is genius alright, but…… she wrote ‘If one of them comes to you to talk, and you just nod and smile, they’re gonna think you’re just plain stupid, and tell everyone else. Then, when you see them laughing, they’re probs laughing at you! The stupid one, who lamely nods and giggles at the wrong time all the time. In fact, you’d become the party prop!

Hysterically, I cancelled my plan, and decided I’d have to just pretend, something I often have to do. BUT…I don’t DO people!! (I heard the voices cry)….

So I canned the plan, stuck my jeans and shirt on, and tried very hard to be quiet. Unfortunately, my Bipolar then waged it’s spiteful war on my brain, and I, instead of being quiet, had to be asked to be quiet, coz I wouldn’t shut the f….k up! Of course I thought I was funny, clever even….sadly, I still ended up the ‘stupid party prop’!

Next time, I’ll take lots of twitchies, so that I’m just quiet and dribble on my shoes, OR, feign a serious mind blowing headache and simply not go. Which is what I should’ve done in the first place! duh!

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I’ve defriended my vacuum cleaner!

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housework humour

I’ve never ever enjoyed housework, EVER! I find it the most tedious, boring, stressful, sneeze inducing horrible thing we have to do. I’ve now defriended my vacuum cleaner!

The friendship is….over! NO, I won’t take to sweeping and mopping on the floor, as in my mind, it seems perfectly fine, to give this ‘cleaning thing’ another 6 months, while I recover from my day of spring cleaning my house.

Seems my ‘cute little cottage’, has the floor space of another Planet! 

You see, my Daughter is coming to visit me today, all the way from Spain. So, of course, Mama must have the house clean right? Not that my house is ever dirty, I just don’t do OCD stuff, and ‘clean’ in my mind, is perhaps not the same as in other’s minds LOL…

So yesterday I decided to clean, and suddenly, out of the blue OCD launched a…

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