An Introduction to Africa = A Continent of unsurpassed Beauty and secrets

Hi Folks,

I want to introduce you to Africa. A Continent so huge that America almost pales in comparison. But how much is known about this massive Continent, the Countries that divide it, and the people who live in each Country, and who are vastly different from one another?

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, live the silverback mountain Gorillas. No animal, well, few, come close in beauty, stature and she awesomeness (if that’s even a word) to these incredible animals, who, people, are just ONE DNA molecule different to us. So they could be our cousins! Truth.

gorillas        gorillas with man

Here we have a Mama and her babies. Shes content, and the babies look ever so happy. I bet their bellies are full. Then we have a man playing with a huge Gorilla! The smile on the man’s face is audible. I don’t know how he’s holding the huge beauty on his back, but they must be friends. What a wonderful life changing experience.!!

It has taken a long time to get the people of the Republic of the Congo to understand just how precious and important the Gorillas are! So thousands have been lost, but the ones that are here are protected. You can go and see them and sit with them if you like. Just look up Gorilla trekking on Google. Please remember to respect them. They almost command it.

Next to the Congo is Uganda, where the forests that these Gorillas roam in grow, and then we get to Kenya.

Kenya, a Country rich in diversity, where the great migration of the Wildebeest happens once a year in the Masai Mara which is in Kenya. Why they migrate no one really knows, but it’s an incredible sight, and once again, intelligence plays a role, as does instinct.

wildebeest migration     wildebeest migration 2

Thousands upon thousands of Wildebeest ( a kind of buck), migrating, and in these waters, many are eaten by crocodiles. Why do they do this? Who knows? This is Africa, the land of life!

The Tribal women and men make the most incredible jewellery ever. I don’t think it’s appreciated enough. Kenyan jewellery is magnificent.

kenyan woman             kenyan jewellery 2

This jewellery is bright and beautiful. No one needs to wear as much as this beautiful Tribal woman is wearing, but lets face it, she’s gorgeous and sassy! I love her outfit of jewellery. Cleopatra adorned herself, and the Kenyans do the same, as do the Ndebele.

Not to go on and on, on my post, I just want to introduce you to the Bushmen of the Kalahari. They are the most magnificent of all. They’ve been here, in Africa, for the longest time, being the first to ever be here, and they still hunt with their bows and arrows. TradeRoutz livingStyle stock and sell their bows and arrows which are authentic, made BY the Bushmen, out of bark, and all sorts of goodies, that only they know about. Here’s the link to purchase your own Kalahari bushman Bow and arrow. Well, there are 3 arrows in the quiver and they are super sharp! As I said, authentic, not made in China, and totally beautiful.

bushman child       bushman hunting  bushman hunting buch  bushman

A Bushman Child, a Bushman hunting with the same arrows and spears that we sell, and then, if you are wondering why the busman is hovering over the buck he has killed, thanking the animal for giving his life, so that the Bushmen may eat. They are remarkably gentle people, and still live as they have for thousands of years.

I will continue in my next post on the next tribes. There are many to cover! I don’t want to overdo or bore you with too much info here.

Hope you enjoyed!

Till next time

Uhlale Kahle! Stay well
Deborah x

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